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Floor Exercise, Vault, Balance Beam and Bars for ages 5 and up

Our Recreational Gymnastics Program is for children who want to learn fundamental skills in a fun, non-competitive environment. Our program curriculum is aligned with USA Gymnastics standards and emphasizes safety, proper form and technique.

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Gym Kids

55 Minutes

This exciting class is geared toward beginning gymnasts.   Gym Kids will work to achieve specific goals on each event, build strength and flexibility, and learn gymnastics terminology - all while having a ton of fun in a safe, comfortable environment.   

Hot Shots

55 Minutes

Hot Shots have mastered the basics on each event and are ready to learn skill progressions that require strength, form and focus.  This fast paced class combines fun and challenge for each individual gymnast!


55 Minutes

Our Firecrackers are ready to learn more advanced skill progressions in a longer recreational class. Our instructors will challenge gymnasts to reach new goals on each event, increase stamina and strength, and perfect technique. 

PreComp Team

This invite-only program is for experienced gymnasts who would like to train more advanced skills in a fun, non-competitive environment. Gymnasts practice 2 hours per week and curriculum is built around appropriate Xcel levels for each gymnast. Gymnasts participate in longer practices, learn routines for each event, and perform at Mock Meets to give them an idea of what competitive gymnastics is like!

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