Ready for School

Momentum Sports and Play is founded by a former elementary school teacher and an engineer.  Needless to say, we are passionate about education and physical activity, and we are excited to offer  homeschool enrichment activities to our North Idaho community!


Recommended for Grades K through 5

Our PE class is SO MUCH FUN! We creatively use our gym equipment - including the Ninja Rig, trampoline, beams and bars - to teach sports, games and teamwork. 


Classes for ages 5 and up

Momentum Ninjas train to be all around athletes - they learn the skill and discipline of martial arts, the agility and versatility of parkour, and the coordination and strength of acrobatics.  This class is suited for boys and girls who dream of becoming the next American Ninja Warrior, athletes who want to condition for any other sport, and anyone who likes being part of a team while working toward individual goals! 
All Momentum Ninjas wear headbands that signify their level (additional fee), black tee shirts and black shorts or pants to class.


Classes for Elementary, Middle and High School

Join Teacher Josh - an Aerospace Engineer - for an hour of hands-on learning!  In this class, you get to be a scientist, engineer, designer and artist.  This program covers all kinds of fun technology, themes and content areas, including 3D printing and modeling, coding and robotics, video game design and animation, and more! 

Homeschooling through a charter or learning provider?

Your costs may be covered! Give us a call at (208) 966-4535 to talk about your options.