Programs for children ages 0 - 5 years

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Momentum Explorers (crawlers)


Explorers (and their grown ups!) learn through movement, exploration and play in this fun and engaging class!  Teachers lead grown ups to guide their Explorers through developmentally appropriate physical activities, songs, dance and sensory play.  Our little ones learn social skills, develop body awareness, and so much more!



(walking to age 3)

Minis (along with their grown ups!) learn, play and explore during this exciting class!  Teachers lead an engaging warm up and stretch, then introduce developmentally appropriate physical skills using our fun Kinder Gym equipment.  Minis explore, sing, dance, play games and move through obstacles in order to develop strength, coordination, fine and gross motor skills, and social skills.  In addition, our little ones gain self confidence and independence!

Momentum Movers

(ages 3-5)

Our Movers are ready to take on the Momentum Kinder Gym independently! Following an active warm up and stretch, Movers are guided through engaging obstacle courses that teach fundamental tumbling and gymnastics skills and incorporate developmentally appropriate physical activities.  Structured games, songs and movement activities foster physical and cognitive development as well as strength, coordination and self confidence.  

Momentum Mighty Movers

(ages 3-5; 

invitation only)

Mighty Movers train in the Kinder Gym AND take on the “Big Floor.”  Throughout each circuit and obstacle course, teachers incorporate more advanced skill progressions and activities.  Mighty Movers also visit the “Big Floor,” where they not only learn new skills, but also develop readiness to participate in our Recreational Program.

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Little Ninjas

(Ages 3-5)


Our kinder version of Momentum Ninjas is for boys and girls who are ready to race through obstacles using skills that combine martial arts and urban gymnastics. Little Ninjas train throughout the gym on multiple apparatuses, including our Ninja Rig, to develop strength, stamina, agility and focus.  Little Ninjas wear a headband to signify their level (additional charge), a black tee shirt and black shorts or pants to class.

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Twirl and Tumble

(Ages 3-5)


For kiddos who want the best of both worlds, this class combines fundamental dance instruction with tumbling and gymnastics!  Class begins at the barre and proceeds across the floor with dance and creative movement, before moving on to a fun gymnastics circuit.

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