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Momentum Ninjas train to be all around athletes - they learn the skill and discipline of martial arts, the agility and versatility of parkour, and the coordination and strength of acrobatics.  

At Momentum, we tailor our Ninja Program to the individual student.  There are many pathways to progression based on personal strengths. Students move through levels white, blue and red as they continue to develop their "ninja skills."

Grown ups, if you're tired of your kids using your furniture as an obstacle course, this program is here for you.

This program is suited for boys and girls who dream of becoming the next American Ninja Warrior, athletes who want to condition for any other sport, and anyone who likes being part of a team while working toward individual goals! 

All Momentum Ninjas wear wrist bands that signify their level (additional fee), black tee shirts and black shorts or pants to class.

Ages 3-5:
Little Ninjas - 45 minute class

Ages 4.5 - 5:
Mighty Ninjas - 45 minute class

Ages 6 and up:
White (Level One) - 55 minute class
Blue (Level Two) - 55 minute class
Red (Level Three) - 85 minute class

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