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Tumbling is the perfect program for boys and girls who want to focus on floor skills or supplement their gymnastics or Momentum Ninja class.  It is also fantastic for athletes involved in other sports that require tumbling skills or aerial movement, such as cheerleading, dancing, snowboarding and skiing, skateboarding and water sports. 


Tumbling 1

This 55 minute class is geared toward the beginning tumbler.  Tumblers will move through a warm up, drill and skill circuits with spotting stations, and practice running tumbling skills before conditioning and cooling down.  Tumblers focus on specific skill goals and building the strength needed to progress. Our tumblers work hard, but don't be fooled - this class is fast-paced and jam packed with fun!

Tumbling 2

Tumbling 2 is a 55 minute class that focuses on skill progressions and technique. The class structure includes a warm up, drill and skill circuit with spotting stations, connected tumbling skills, conditioning segment and cool down. They will be introduced to round-offs, kick-overs and back handsprings. Tumblers are ready to perfect and advance the skills they learned in Tumbling 1 while having a blast!

intermediate tumbling

This 85 minute class is for tumblers learning more advanced skills and connected tumbling passes.  Intermediate tumblers have achieved the prerequisite skills taught in Tumbling 1 and 2 with proper form and technique.  Tumblers will continue to work back handsprings while being introduced to walkovers, front handsprings and front and back tuck drills. 

advanced tumbling

Advanced Tumbling is an 85 minute class for tumblers who have met prerequisite skill requirements with proper form and technique.  This class builds on skills learned in Intermediate Tumbling and introduces advanced progressions and aerial tumbling.  Tumblers in this class must be assessed by a member of our coaching staff or invited by their Intermediate Tumbling instructor. 

Tumbling is for boys and girls ages 6 and up

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